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Below are some of my latest blog articles shared. 👇

What to do when there is a slower rider in front of you?
A slower rider doesn't necessarily mean a less skilled rider. Take a moment to understand why you're out there and how to make the best use of your time.
The Two Mistake Rule | Know when to take yourself off of the Race Track.
It's easy to make mistakes while on the track: from missing an apex, brake marker, or gear. I've learned to adhere to the two mistake rule to help mitigate me having a yard sale.
What to bring to set up your pit in the paddock at a trackday?
I've seen recliners to a simple metal folding chair. Let's talk about some of the essentials to make your time at the track more enjoyable when you're not in a session.
What tools should you bring with you to the track?
I tend to believe luck favors the prepared, and while you can show up with zero tools, having a few essentials could save the day.
Rain in the forecast... should you go to your track day?
After you book your first track day, you’ll instantly find yourself caring about the granular details of local weather forecasting more than ever. Though does it matter?
Should you camp at the race track?
Tent camping at the race track can be an incredible experience that will bring your closer to the community, though it's not all sunshine and rainbows.