What tools should you bring with you to the track?

Feb 23rd 2021

In the spirit of encouraging anyone to give track-days a try, these tools are not required to have an amazing track day. Think of them as an insurance policy: just in case something gets noticed in tech inspection or you have an issue at the track. 

Don't fret if you don't have these things, there is a good chance somebody at the track does. 

  • Tire pressure gauge to properly set your tire's pressure for the track, and ensure it stays there. The pressure you run at the track is quite different from what you'll run normally on the street, 
  • Grab a box of motorcycle fuses just in case. These are relatively inexpensive, and could save the day if you simply blew a fuse,
  • Ducktape, when do we not need ducktape? For extra cool points, grab duck tape in the color of your bike. Duck tape also comes in handy when taping down wheel weights. 
  • Zip ties are the motorcyclists' go-to bandaid. They really come in hand to lock down plastics if a bolt goes missing, clean-up wiring, etc... 
  • Allen/Hex set of wrenches specifically for your plastics will come in handy if you need to take them off at the track to double-check a wire harness, coolant, or whatever else, 
  • Painters Tape, you'll need to tape clear plastics on your bike before you can go out on the track. Typically this includes: turn signals, headlights, taillights, reflectors, and mirrors. 
  • Flat-head + Phillips screwdriver, to cover those items on the bike that may not be hex. Flat-head screw drivers also are great for prying things. ;) 


  • Electrical Tape may be overkill, though I feel it could come in handy if a wire protective sheathing gets melted or something during a simple repair that may involve wires. 
  • Portable air pump to manage the pressure in your tires. Not entirely necessary, since most tracks have air pumps, or somebody else there will certainly have one. I picked up my first one for $40, which worked great plugs into my vehicle.  Though even a hand/foot air pump will do the trick in a pinch. 😎

Arguably there is quite a bit more you could bring in the context of tools. I arrived at my first track day with much less than this, and still ended up not needing anything beyond a tire gauge and a zip tie. 

Pro tip: Once you get into faster groups you'll likely be running tire warmers, swapping tires at the track, and doing simple maintenance which will require things like generators, stands, wrenches, fluids, safety wire, and a slew of other items I'll cover in another article. 

What were some things you wish you had on your first track day? Anything you think should be on a first-timer's list? 

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